Wednesday, 21 February 2018


                             Neonatal Nursing Congress 2018

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2018 is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence and ideas, and generate solutions. The main focus of Neonatal Nursing Congress 2018 is to present research findings, discuss research methodology and policy issues, and build and maintain essential networks between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and representatives of consumer organizations.

Neonatal Nursing Congress 2018 deals with Neonatal Nursing, Clinical Nurse Practitioners, Midwives in Neonatal Nursing, Neonatal Gynecology, Neonatal Critical Care Nursing, Neonatal Innovations in Nursing, Neonatal Nursing Community, Health Care and Management. There is a worldwide Shortage of Neonatal Nurses but there is also an increased demand for Nurses with enhanced skills who can manage a more diverse, complex and acutely ill newborn baby’s population than ever before. 

As a result, a variety of nurses in advanced practice positions has evolved around the world. Neonatal Nursing Conferences provide a platform for the experts in the field from all over the globe as we share experiences and knowledge and work together on ensuring a just reproductive health. This event includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Maternal- fetal Medicine / Perinatology


Maternal–fetal medicine  is a branch of medicine that focuses on managing health concerns of the mother and fetus prior to, during, and shortly after pregnancy.

Maternal–fetal medicine specialists are specialists within the field of obstetrics. They may perform prenatal tests, provide treatments, and perform surgeries. They act both as a consult during lower-risk pregnancies, and as the primary obstetrician in especially high-risk pregnancies. After birth, they may work closely with pediatricians or neonatologists. For the mother, perinatologists assist with pre-existing health concerns, as well as complications caused by pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a variety of complications of pregnancy can arise. Depending on the severity of the complication, a maternal-fetal specialist may meet with the patient intermittently, or become the primary obstetrician for the pregnancy. Post-partum, maternal-fetal specialists may follow up with a patient and monitor any medical complications that may arise.

The rates of maternal and infant mortality due to complications of pregnancy have decreased by over 23% since 1990, from 377,000 deaths to 293,000 deaths. Most deaths can be attributed to infection, maternal bleeding, and obstructed labor, and their incidence of mortality vary widely internationally. The Society for Maternal-fetal Medicine (SMFM) strives to improve maternal and child outcomes by standards of prevention, diagnosis and treatment through research, education and training .

Thursday, 8 February 2018

#Neonatal & #Maternal #tetanus

                                        SEVENTH -DAY DEATH

Alluded to in the Old Testament as the "seventh-day demise," neonatal lockjaw strikes quickly, killing infants not long after birth. Lockjaw happens when a bacterium, Clostridium tetani, enters the body through an open injury or cut. The microorganisms spores are omnipresent – they live in the dirt, in creature compost, and in excrement – and lockjaw can influence anyone. The microbes deliver a poison (harm) that assaults the focal sensory system

An infant can be tainted with lockjaw because of unhygienic birthing hones, for example, cutting the umbilical rope with unsterile instruments or treating it with sullied dressings. On the off chance that the spores enter, the disease can spread and the kid normally kicks the bucket a speedy and difficult passing. Moms can likewise be contaminated with lockjaw amid risky or unsanitary conveyance if there are unsanitary conditions where the lockjaw spores are available. Lockjaw is known as the "noiseless executioner" since such a large number of these ladies and infants pass on at home and both the births and the passings go unreported.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Experts meeting #Neonatal Congress 2018

                                 Neonatal Nursing Congress 2018

We pleasantly welcome all the prominent researchers, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming Neonatology  Nursing congress 2018 to spectator invaluable scientific discussions and subsidize to the future innovations in the field of Neonatology and Maternal Healthcare.

Neonatal Nursing and Maternal healthcare 2018 Conference will emphasis on the latest and inspiring innovations in all areas of Neonatology and Maternal healthcare  research which offers a inimitable opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and distinguish new scientific innovations. This year’s annual congress highlights the theme, “Novel Advancement in Neonatal Nursing & Maternal health Research which imitates the revolutionary progress in neonatology research.

Honorable call for speakers & delegates for taking place at on May 14-15, 2018. Avail the opportunity to speak at on at .

#NeonatalNursingCongress2019 #Keynote speaker slots are available at #NeonatalNursing2019. Register today! Save the dates May 08-0...